Julie Martin

Founder & Chair

B/Th Dip NZ, Confederation [Eng], ITEC [Eng], Counselling Dip


Julie Martin is a qualified Beauty Therapist Electrologist / Thermologist. She has worked in all sectors of the beauty industry since 1983. 

During her 37 years as a practising registered beauty therapist, electrologist / thermologist, Julie had the opportunity to tutor, been technical adviser, mentor and a trouble-shooter for businesses. Julie has also judged industry awards and had four very successful clinics of her own. 

In 2014 she was invited on to the Executive Committee of the N.Z Association of Registered Beauty Professionals. Julie's role was Complaints Officer and Liaison Officer to Councils and Government agencies.

As a complaints officer, Julie has represented industry at council workshops, mediated complaint resolutions, written reports for Health Boards, Disputes Tribunal, Health and Disabilities Commission and appeared as an expert witness in civil court cases. 

Julie has also authored Health and Hygiene Guidelines for industry, Code of Ethics and written numerous article for the beauty industry’s magazine and assisted many therapists with various hygiene issues and general advise. 

As a practising therapist, Julie has experienced and witnessed the good and bad sides of the beauty industry. Over the years Julie has observed the decline of standards in this unregulated industry and experienced the lack of support, advice and advocacy for therapists. 

Julie believes that to create a healthier industry that strengthens the integrity and identity of the beauty profession, supports and advocate best practice for her colleagues, then changes need to be implemented to reflect those needs. With support and encouragement of other like-minded professionals, Julie decided to initiate the New Zealand Board of Professional Skin Therapies.

Shannen Wagstaff

Treasurer / Legal Secretary

B/Th Cert NZ, INM Int. Cert., NZQA L4 Business, NZQA L6 Dip Legal Executive

As an internationally qualified Nail Technician, with a certificate in Beauty Therapy and a Legal Executive Diploma, I have been involved in the skin therapy industry since I was 6 years old. Being part of a family of nail technicians, I feel it’s in my blood. So, after qualifying in 2011, I continued to develop my skills.   
Over the years I am amazed at how the nail industry has evolved from simple manicures and pedicures to an incredible art form.  Unfortunately, with it has come the reputation of severe bacterial and fungal infections, incorrect applications using poor quality products and incorrect techniques. This has contributed to making our industry one of the most widely reported professions in the media, but for all the wrong reasons. As a young millennial Beauty Therapist and Nail Technician I know that it is up to qualified therapists and nail technicians like myself to help improve and advocate for change. I applied to NZBPST to help become an active voice on their governance committee so I could engage with industry and support others and to advocate on their behalf. With my legal skills and industry knowledge, I am excited to be part of an organisation of like-minded people who share the same values and vision.


Lorna Clowes



UK born Lorna has been in the industry both in UK and NZ for 36 years. Most of that time has been in delivering education here in NZ, in UK and in Australia.

Lorna began Elite International School in 1998 and the brand quickly became NZ’s biggest multicampus school. “ We did things a bit differently and took some risks and it paid off”.  The business was sold in 2004 to enable Lorna to spend more time with her daughter who is her greatest joy and blessing.

In 2009 Evolution School was born in Whangarei to fill the gap in Beauty Therapy, Massage, Spa Therapies and Nail education in Northland .

“ I learnt many things from having NZ’s biggest private provider (Elite) and in order to focus on quality education it meant keeping things small and niche and that’s exactly what we do in Northland. We are a small but powerful team of wahine toa who do great things with our students – launching them into careers and lifestyles they only dreamt of. A high number of our graduates run their own small businesses and become self sufficient and healthy contributors to the local community and economy whilst providing for their families. Being in an area of severe deprivation, a beauty qualification, or nail tech or massage can be life changing for many of our students. As a school we have gone through TRoQ, RoVE, Te Pukenga formation and many other challenges in our time and I am sure there will be many more to come. We are a Category 1 provider ( NZQA ranking) and deliver high quality Beauty Therapy , Nail Technology and Massage programmes. We would love to see some regulations in the industry. It’s always amazed us how NZ has gone for so long without any“

“My students are my passion – seeing them succeed and embrace all the opportunities this industry presents both here and overseas, gives me great joy”

I am a happy Board member as I totally align with the future vision of the NZBPST and look forward to being of any assistance I can in order to promote safe, ethical, inclusive and hygienic practices in NZ and the establishment of regulations for the industries within our scope. Our industry is changing and so we need to make sure we are protecting that which needs protecting! 


Leesa Roy


NZIEBT Dip Beauty Therapy (Merit),  NZIEBT Diploma Electrolysis (Merit),  CIBTAC Diploma in Aesthetic Treatments, CIBTAC Diploma in Blend Epilation (Honours), CIDESCO Diploma in Beauty Therapy

Leesa Roy is a highly experienced skin therapist specialising in complex skin conditions. She is a qualified beauty therapist with post graduate studies in Anti-Ageing Medicine, Advanced Skin Analysis, and massage. 

Leesa also has her Master of Philosophy in Development Studies, and a Bachelor of Arts. 

With experience as a strategic communications advisor, Leesa brings to the role her communications skills, as well as her strategy and planning background.