Resources and Publications

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The NZ Board of Professional Skin Therapies is committed to developing resources to improve professional practice.

NZBPST members can download our publications for free or at a substantial discount, and we provide some documents of public interest free of charge.

  • Code of Ethics - FREE
    NZBPST exists to promote the highest standard in Skin Therapy practice. We have developed a code of Ethics which we expect our members to uphold.
  • IPL/Laser COP - FREE
    This IPL/LASER Code of Practice (COP) developed by NZ Laser Training Ltd, recommends appropriate levels of expertise and training for IPL and laser operators, provides safety guidelines for clinics operating laser and IPL devices, and provides a summary of the current relevant rules and regulations in New Zealand.
  • ISICC Pandemic Infection Control Program
    The ISICC is an internationally recognised qualification and is in operation in 6 other countries around the world. This course was developed by Professor Laurance Walsh, a leading researcher in clinical microbiology, biofilm ecology, biocides, and clinical infection control from Australia who received the Office of the Order of Australia and sits on numerous regulatory bodies including Standards Australia.

    This qualification demonstrates that you support a global standard of safety and are educated and proficient in understanding Covid-19 related hygiene and safety measures necessary to ensure your therapists, staff and clients are being treated in a safe environment. These standards complement our NZ specific Health and Hygiene Guidelines.
    NZ$ 145.00 Course

NZBPST Members: Please remember to login first to receive your member discounts