Membership Form

All applications are dealt with individually by the NZBPST Governing Committee.

Please note that NZBPST sets the highest standards to differentiate from other industry bodies by only offering membership to those who possess the appropriate qualifications in their field. 

Course and training attendance certificates are not recognised as qualifications but are still valued as part of your application, and will be added to your member profile.

To be a full member of NZBPST you will need to send in evidence that you are formally qualified. A 'qualification' means you have completed a period of study completing high level of educational curriculum; and that your assessment has been set, and approved by an NZQA accredited and approved training provider, and or International qualifying body that is equivalent. 

If you are applying as an Associate member – you do not require qualifications in the beauty industry, however not having them may restrict what services we promote your business for (eg: not qualified to teach). 

Your application and profile details will be stored in accordance with NZ Privacy laws. Your details will not be shared with third parties without prior consent from you. 

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Please list your main qualification(s), If you have more than three, please use the "additional qualifications" box at the end