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October 2020

During this year Ministry of Education and Workforce Development Council (WDC) are looking at restructuring vocational education and restructuring the polytechnic and apprenticeship organisations to becoming under one umbrella.  

These changes affect the NZ education standards covered by these providers which includes the beauty/skin therapy industry. 

By chance I, Julie Martin, was invited to a zoom meeting last Wednesday (30th September 2020) with Vitoria Spackman from Interim Establishment Board to hear the movements from WDC on the new Reform of Vocational Education (RoVE) initiative. Along with myself present at this meeting attended:

➢ Oonagh Wolfcamp from the Beauty therapy association,  

➢ Key Nelson CEO- Hito,  

➢ Niq James – president of the Hairdressing association and  

➢ 3 other representatives from hairdressing. 

I soon discovered that our industry has been categorised under, The Creative, Cultural, Recreational & Technology group, which had been discussed between the NZARBP & HITO earlier in the year. 



According to WDC’s information, “this new category is designed to enable students who have been under-served by education, to be given a second chance at achieving some tertiary skills.” Loosely translated, as our profession requires no prior qualifications under level four, meaning anyone can gain access to beauty therapy training as the Ministry of Education now identifies us as simply glamour artists no more. 

Do you feel this Education Category is an appropriate fit for our industry? 

Here are exerts from the RoVE information sheet. 

The Reform of Vocational Education (RoVE) is a bold, once-in-a-generation, trans-formational change that aims to create a strong, sustainable, unified vocational education and training system, capable of delivering the skills that learners, employers and communities need to thrive.  

Six Workforce Development Councils (WDCs) will be established and will be at the heart of this new system. The WDCs will enable industry to take a lead in making Aotearoa New Zealand’s workforce fit for today and for future employment needs. WDCs will be industry’s channel to influence training for its people.

Toi Hangarau / Technology including:  

  • Creative Technologies including VR/AR, Gaming, Interactive Design and Digital Media 
  • Emerging Technologies including AI, Data, Analytics & Data Science and Quantum Computing 
  • Networks, Distributed and Communication Technologies,
  • IT Hardware, Software, Infrastructure, Architecture and Cyber Security 
  • IoT, Biometrics, Sensors & Geo-spatial Technologies 
  • Robotics, Automation, Drone & UAV Technologies  

Toi Auaha / Creative and Culture including:  

  • Cultural  
  • Design  
  • GLAM  
  • Hair and Beauty 
  • Performance  
  • Screen  
  • The Arts  
  • Multi-media platforms, publishing and journalism  
  • Literature  
  • Crafts 

Toi Tāngata / Recreation including:  

  • Amusement Activities  
  • Gambling, Horse and Dog Racing Activities  
  • Parks and Gardens  
  • Sports and Physical Recreation Activities  

As the NZBPST works hard to represent you, we need to know where industry stands with being place in this category? 

The New Categorisation will be mandated and become law very soon.


Given that this educational change will be mandated (made law) and together with Ministry of Health (Remit 24) and Ministry of Education, we will come under this new classification. With the complaints and injuries that occur within industry due to malpractices with skin penetration etc, there is a future potential that as industry we could then be accused of not being capable of advanced skin treatments due to not being trained under the umbrella of a health or allied health provider ensuring industry is trained and registered to work at a deeper level of the body than just surface.  

Councils could then have the mandate to prevent beauty therapists from all treatments that pierce the skin and give these treatments to nurse aestheticians only and leave us doing simple glamour treatments, because of how WDC’s categorises us and coupled with the potential controls of remit 24 imposed by LGNZ.

(From the NZARBP initiative lead by Michella Messenger, for the Government to develop and implement national guidelines, policy, or regulations to achieve national consistency for the largely unregulated ‘health and beauty clinic’ industry meaning LGNZ (Local Government NZ) will have the potential to alter any aspect of our industry and implement any controls they see fit without necessarily speaking with industry).


Alternative category available for Beauty/Skin Professionals:

Allied health in the Health category

At NZBPST we believe modern industry professionals are much more than Glamour Artists and we SHOULD therefore be categorised under Allied Health in the Health Category.  



➢ Because highly qualified therapists perform advanced skin treatments that require a high level of skill and knowledge and make major physical and emotional changes in our client’s health and well-being 

➢ No one else have these qualifications, skill, and knowledge to perform these treatments 

➢ Anatomy and Physiology knowledge to entry nursing is required. 

➢ We not only treat acne, Rosacea, Psoriasis, Eczema, Dermatitis, pigmentation, and damaged skin but manage clients with health issues as well. 

➢ With the rapidly evolving developments in technology and equipment that we use, we require fine-tuned skills and knowledge to operate it. 

➢ Our ever-changing industry is advancing rapidly introducing more and more treatments which penetrate the skin deeper to improve skin health. 

➢ We educate clients to have Melanoma checks, mammograms health checks and other wellness initiatives.  

➢ We are identified as health care providers under HDC, Health Act. We are responsible to provide a duty of care to our clients. 

➢ To re-categorize our profession as creative and recreational will destroy our credibility and the confidence that our clients have in us and the advice we recommend. 

Once this decision is finalised it will be challenging and nearly impossible to change. 

What We have done so Far? 

To change to the health category, we had to convince WDC that the Beauty/Skin Industry wants to be recognised under the Health Education Category. 

By Thursday 8th October 2020, many stakeholders in industry have submitted and completed submission as below: 

➢ Signed NZBPST petition

➢ Completed NZBPST survey

➢ Completed WDC’s survey

➢ Personal submission to WDC

We are so grateful for every single submission. Thank you! 

It is not over yet, so please follow up and support your industry. See below what you can do to help us with next step in this process.

Our passion is supporting you and protecting your industry credibility, profession, and future. 

Kind regards,


Julie Martin 

Founder and Chair NZBPST 


You can still support this cause through Petition & Submissions to MOE

(see below)

DEADLINE:  1 February 2021

STEP 1 : Petition Template

Have each and every client sign this petition. 

Return completed forms to us on 

Thank you for your time in this matter! 

We can not do this without your help!

Should you need more information or need help to complete any of the above mentioned steps, 

please reach out to one of our board members, below :