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Dear Valued Beauty Professionals,

Today I was going to write on a variety of topics for you but unfortunately, I have dedicated my time counselling the greatest number of distressed business owners since the beginning of lockdown.

As Chair of NZBPST I have again contacted Government on your behalf to ask for help and assistance for those most in need.

A lot of the information I have already been issuing in bulletins over the last two weeks but hopefully some of the financial advice is new to some of you and you can take advantage.

I know there are a lot of readers who have never met me or know me and I have never met you, but rest assured that NZBPST is doing all we can to get answers and help for you.

For those of you who are really struggling and need someone to talk to, please ring me. I may not have a magic wand to fix the situation we are in, but sometimes just being able to talk to someone in confidence can give huge relief.

Please find attached the following response.

Kind regards Julie martin E: M: 02102294638 W: Dear Julie,   Thanks for your enquiry around your business at Alert Level 3. 

Information on life under different alert levels is now available on, and information for businesses and workers on workplace restrictions at different alert levels is on   ·        In terms of guidance for these types of services at different alert levels please refer to the latest guidance on this website and the section referring to workplace premises only accessed by the public or customers:   ·        WorkSafe has also created guidance about safe working during this pandemic. The Ministry of Health also has specific infectious disease control advice for workplaces.   At this stage we cannot provide further guidance than what has been released on these websites.   Businesses should carefully consider how to safely operate at each alert level based on their individual circumstances. Industry organisations will also be issuing specific guidance for certain sectors and kinds of workplaces. If in doubt, businesses can contact WorkSafe, their industry organisation or their local Chamber of Commerce and BusinessNZ.   Please do continue to monitor the COVID-19 website as all the latest guidance will be published and stay safe.   Business tax support: Government announced a further set of tax proposals to help businesses manage the impacts of COVID-19. These include: # greater flexibility for taxpayers in respect to tax deadlines # changes to the tax loss continuity rules # a tax loss carry-back scheme.

To find out how it might apply to your business, check out the guidance on the Inland Revenue website.

COVID-19 – Tax changes to support businesses (external link)  — Inland Revenue You can read the full announcement and fact sheets on the Beehive website.

Government backs business through COVID-19 (external link)  —

Increased business support:

Government announced a further $25 million in funding for the Regional Business Partner Network (RBPN). Approximately $4 million will go to help strengthen call centres to ensure more people can access the service quickly. Roughly $20 million will be invested in the direct business consultancy services to ensure that a wider range of businesses can get the support they need.

To find out what support is available for your business, visit the Regional Business Partner Network website (external link) .   Commercial leases and mortgages: Government is working to put in place some temporary law changes to support commercial tenants and landlords impacted by COVID-19. These changes aim to make it easier to retain lease arrangements and get back to business as usual. More information and guidance can be found from the Ministry of Justice.

Guidance for commercial leases and mortgages during COVID-19 (external link)  — Ministry of Justice   Business finance guarantee scheme: Government has launched a business finance guarantee scheme for small and medium-sized businesses, to protect jobs and support the economy. The Crown, in partnership with participating approved banks, will support targeted new loans (including increases to existing limits) to eligible businesses, as a response to difficulties caused by COVID-19.

Under the scheme, businesses with annual revenue between $250,000 and $80 million can apply to their banks for loans up to $500,000, for up to three years. The scheme will offer a total of $6.25 billion in loans to New Zealand businesses.

Government is guaranteeing 80% of the risk, while the banks are covering the remaining 20%. A normal lending process will be followed by the banks, which will make the lending decisions. Further details can be found on the banks websites.

More information on the announcement can be found at

Business finance guarantee – applications open (external link) —     If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call the freephone number listed below. Our opening hours are Monday to Thursday 8.30am to 5pm; Friday 9am to 5pm.   Feedback on our service? Fill in our two minute customer satisfaction survey  

Kind regards   Sharlene   CLIENT SERVICE ADVISOR Service Centre Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment | Freephone: 0800 42 49 46 | International: +64 3 943 4210   NZBN 9429000106078

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