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It is imperative that professional therapists belong to an impartial and expert organisation that can represent them; not only to be the voice for industry but also to provide independent advice, support, mentoring and guidance when it is needed.




The New Zealand Board of Professional Skin Therapies is an impartial and independent organisation representing professionals in the beauty and aesthetic industry.  We were formed to provide a representation of our industry's issues to the Government, local authorities, and affiliated organisations.

As well as an advocacy voice for our industry, our multi-skilled team of industry experts provides independent advice, support, mentoring, and guidance when it is needed.

The New Zealand Board of Professional Skin Therapies offers affordable memberships for various areas of the industry, with benefits to help your business gown and keep costs down.

It is imperative that professional therapists belong to an impartial and expert organisation that can represent them; not only to be the voice for the industry but also to provide independent advice, support, mentoring, and guidance when it is needed.

We are stronger together.



The New Zealand Board of Professional Skin Therapies keeps you up to date with educational newsletters, ensuring you are abreast of current issues and industry standards, including pandemic information, and supports you when you need a helping hand.

Read more about The New Zealand Board of Professional Skin Therapies in the About Us link below.  We welcome your Donations / Koha to support our mission and look forward to working with you.

Beauty Forum Magazine

Summer 2023 Issue

BeautyForum Nov23 Front Cover (1).png

We are excited and eager for you to read the Summer 2023 edition of New Zealand's industry publication, Beauty Forum Magazine.

This is an independent publication with industry news and updates, including contributions from us here at The NZ Board of Professional Skin Therapies.  Beauty Forum is a modern glossy fully digital magazine.

Click the button below to read the full issue for FREE!!

Our Current Focus


Proposed changes to Diploma Courses

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who responded to the petition or emailed objections to the plan to remove the NZQA L5 Diploma in Beauty Therapy.

We met  with Woitu te Wairoa (Health Workforce Development Council) today, and I’m pleased to say that due to your response, they are keeping the Beauty Therapy level 5 Diploma course.

It was your collective voice that made the difference. 

NZ’s education system is the only education system in the world that is devaluing education and students, while worldwide, countries are encouraging growth and development through higher learning.

While Australia offers degree courses and are now working on master's qualifications in the aesthetics sector, NZ is still teaching basic beauty therapy, with the view to reduce further.

NZ will see a smaller employment pool and more therapists going overseas to gain higher qualifications and advance their careers.

At present, our aesthetic abilities and qualifications limit therapists to working on cruise ships, salons, and distributor sales reps, etc. Few therapists are skilled enough to work alongside dermatologists, cosmetic and reconstructive surgeons, which is where we should be developing and driving our abilities, qualifications, and educational standards.

While some therapists are comfortable with providing services to a level 4 standard and thrive, NZQA have no right to prevent more studious, academic, and committed therapists from advancing their knowledge and skills through higher learning.

Therefore, we must not only retain and maintain our core beauty therapy Diploma level 5 at 120 credits but over time we need to redevelop it and extend the value of to reach higher academic standards and career opportunities.

Pandemic Infection Control Programme


ISICC Pandemic Infection Control Program

The ISICC Pandemic Infection Control Program is now available online!

Gain an internationally recognised qualification with an evidence-based approach to clinical safety.

Many clients may be nervous returning to clinics. This training helps reassure you and your clients you are offering a safe clinic environment.

Pandemic infection control programme (ISICC).jpg

For you, this qualification demonstrates that you support a global standard of safety and are educated and proficient in understanding Covid-19 related hygiene and safety measures necessary to ensure your therapists, staff and clients are being treated in a safe environment. These standards complement our NZ specific Health and Hygiene Guidelines.

This qualification is FREE for NZBPST MEMBERS!


Non-members: $145 + GST - or Join Now

Government Education Reform (RoVE)

The Government’s Reform of Vocational Education (RoVE) is rolling on. This will have significant implications on the quality and standards of training provided to new entrants to our industry.

The NZ Board of Professional Skin Therapies wrote submissions and petitioned our industry to be recognised within the Health, Education and Social Services sector and for us to be recognised as skin therapists as a distinct industry.

All main skin therapy courses will now come under the Health category.

The Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) is establishing a new central collective for tertiary education called The Institute of Skills and Technology. All tertiary training courses have been divided into six Workforce Development Councils (WDC’s), which are charged with deciding what type of training structure would best suit ALL tertiary educational courses.

We are now at a crucial time of the reform initiative. This is where you, the business owner and therapist must speak up. Unless you do so, TEC will continue to listen to other industry organisations and the same educators that have created our present educational situation.

Without your voice, our credibility will further decline with increased client injuries and complaints [I have received several major complaints this year], destroy industry confidence, and individual reputations. Continual concerns raised by the public, has the potential for government to introduce regulations/legalisation and prohibit therapists performing skin penetrating treatments, resulting in loss of profits and possible business closures.

CLICK HERE for the latest RoVE progress report - May 2023

Petition to Ministry of Health to recognise Skin and Beauty Therapists as Health Professionals

Your support is needed to request the Ministry of Health to recognise Skin and Beauty Therapists as Health Professionals (as are Podiatrists, Acupuncturists and Herbal Medicine practitioners).

By gaining this status, the Skin and Beauty Therapy industry will be recognised by Government agencies and Local Authorities for consultation on  any proposed changes in laws, by-laws or regulations


The title (e.g. “Skin Therapist”) will be a recognised professional title which can only be used by someone who meets the standards set by the Beauty and Skin Therapy responsible authority,  in the same way a person can only call themselves a Nurse if they are registered.

To undertake some treatments, Therapists will need to be qualified to do so. This may provide a pathway for some therapists to be able undertake more advanced treatments currently only able to be performed by Nurses or Doctors.

The Department of Immigration will have a reference point when considering work visa applications.


Please provide your support by providing your name, and either your address, email or phone number in the form on the next page.

The details you provide will only be used for the purposes of the Petition and will not be released to other parties.


Thank you


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