We are building a new professional organisation to educate and instill proven best practice that will be nationally recognised and protects ethical and qualified professionals, educators and suppliers.  We are made up of a board and an expert advisory panel of qualified and certified technical experts; each assisting our members utilising their areas of specialty. 

It is the role of the New Zealand Board of Professional Skin Therapies to represent, support and advocate on behalf of skin therapists and other sectors of the beauty industry to safeguard the health and well-being of their clients, staff and  public.

Our Objectives

  • Ensure the industry provides the most appropriate, treatments, therapies and practices for clients ensuring the health and well-being of clients, staff and the public.

  • Encourage our members to perform to the highest possible standards of professional treatments and execute the highest possible ethical behaviour.

  • Promote public awareness in choosing their therapist
  • Encourage our members to extend their theoretical and practical knowledge in our industry by engaging in recognised continuous professional development.

  • Identify credible training organisations and continious that provide the best professional training.
  • Provide a platform for complaints and a board who are qualified and competent to act on and/or in conjunction with other government or health agencies to effect appropriate preventative or remedial action.

  • ​Work nationally and internationally with other organisations to advocate, promote or educate and build strong relationships that develop and grow infrastructure to safe guard the profession and protect the health and well-being of the public.

Industries we represent

Skin Therapies 
Beauticians & Beauty Therapists

Nail Technicians

Permanent Make Up
Make Up Artists, Tattooists

Laser Therapies
Laser and IPL Operators

Body Therapies
Massage, Body Therapists

Suppliers and Educators
Product  uppliers & Training Providers