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Industry Reform Update #4 - Feb 2021

Febr 2021 A Message to all of the Beauty Therapy Industry, Congratulations on the initial stages of our victory towards convincing Ministry of Education to change our industry from Creativity, Culture, Recreation and Technology to Health Community and Social Services WDC. Without your first petition of signatures and submissions we would not have been able to achieve this initial result– so for this we thank you. Now we must continue this journey together as an Industry of New Zealand. Our voices must be heard once again and although the WDC and Interim Establishment Board have agreed to place our industry under Health, Community and Social services WDC, we must now convince the Minister of Education that his advisors are correct in making their recommendations. The WDC and the Interim Establishment Board have informed us that for our demands for this recategorization to happen, the Minister wants to hear from not only stakeholders but individuals in industry and the public. At this point our industry stands on the threshold of change and improvement for education that will have positive spinoffs in other parts of our industry. The NZ Board of Professional Skin Therapies [NZBPST] is prepared to stand and see these changes take place, but we need to speak with one voice, and this is where you as practicing therapists need to become involved as it is your futures we are striving to secure. So, here is how you can help. Once again on our Ministers petition, we are asking for signatures from you as therapists, your clients, your family/whanau and other members. We only have until 1st February to assemble our submission, including your messages, this petition and hopefully your official submission form from the Ministry and RoVE team. If you feel you are not confident enough to fill in the Ministry’s submission form because you don’t understand the questions, we have interpreted the WDC’s information for you and have given examples of answers for some of the tricky questions. Failing that please write your own submission and express your choices [and I hope you will include, more consultation with us, accountability for standards and consequences for those that give poor training education], share any negative experiences you have had with the present education system regarding your learning outcome and confidence to deliver to your clients after you have completed your training and send it to me. We will package it up with our feedback to Government. Please help Us to Help You and Create a better future for the Skin Therapy Industry of New Zealand. Kind regards The NZBPST Team

Posted: Mon 18 Jan 2021

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