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Newsletter - July 2022

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Dear Members and Supporters

Welcome to our latest newsletter! In this issue I am providing comments and news on the latest issues facing our industry today. We have received many emails from concerned therapists on several topics so keep reading to find out more.

In this issue: · Support Offered by the NZ Board of Professional Skin Therapies · Professional Development Training Complaints · RoVE Update · Next issue of Beauty Forum magazine · Employment Opportunities

Support Offered by the NZ Board of Professional Skin Therapies Recently at our AGM, I was asked by a new member what support did we give and the importance of being a member.

The great thing about being a member of NZ Board of Professional Skin Therapies is that you have a voice in this ever-changing industry. As a sole trader or small business, you are vulnerable. Being affiliated with us you are instantly connected with information, standards, and be secure in the knowledge that you have an organisation there to assist you and watch your back. Identifying yourself as a therapist who has aligned themselves with a watchdog organisation that represents professionalism and ethical behaviour alongside our industry standards, adds more value to your branding, gives confidence to your clients and sets you out from the rest.

We are here for your benefit. We can offer advice on anything, from how to write an employment advertisement, assist with hygiene and safety protocols for your clinic, ethics, scope of practice, Covid, pandemic response requirements, staffing problems, difficult clients, complaints, and finding good professional development training. In short as a member, you can ask for help on anything.

We also have a complaints review process. Over the years with the rise in serious complaints, I extended this process and established a confidential industry and public complaints section on our website where people can lay complaints and get advice. Since establishing this facility, it has been widely used by both therapists and the public.

Here is an assortment of advice and help we have given

  • A therapist had her new clinic build halted by council which was costing her thousands. We provided a statement outlining the reasons that the halt was incorrect. After a council hearing the build resumed and was competed, much to the therapist’s relief.

  • A member paid for a two-day training course which was substandard and failed to provide the advertised outcomes and products. We provided a support statement for the Disputes Tribunal and the member won her case.

  • Many therapists contacted us through Covid wanting explanations of the traffic light systems, hygiene requirements, PPE use but most of all, they needed someone they could talk to about their stress and struggles. We provided that confidential listening ear.

Professional Development Training Complaints We have received varying complaints this year concerning professional development training which failed to provide a good standard of training and did not meet therapists' expectations.

With the importance and expense involved in professional development training it’s important to make sure that courses are presented by qualified and experienced trainers who deliver a top-quality product. If you need any assistance in finding professional development courses, or you feel your training has failed you, please contact us. This facility is free for members. Another good reason to be aligned with a professional industry organisation who provides support and advice when you need it!

Government Reform of Vocational Education (RoVE) Update We were hoping to give you all an update on the RoVE review of beauty qualifications, but unfortunately Toitu Te Waiora WDC has postponed this release.

As a watchdog organisation, it’s our obligation to members to monitor future changes to our industry growth and make sure that the actual deliverables will be of benefit. With the widely used phrase, “fit for purpose” being frequently used in media releases, we need to know what that looks like and means. With information not reaching therapists, the NZ Board of Professional Skin Therapies made an Official Information Act request. Under this Act was required to respond. Some of the questions asked were,

  1. Who are the beauty therapy training establishments that you have consulted with, regarding our qualification’s framework and underlying courses? Technical Institutes and private training organisations I have spoken to don’t know anything about RoVE)

  2. With WDC’s review and approval of qualifications, who are the qualified beauty industry providers who are rewriting our qualifications and micro credentials? And who are contributing to the new skill standards and ‘national curriculum’ recommendations?

  3. Will our current NZ Certificate in Beauty Therapy level 4, NZ Diploma in Beauty Therapy level 5, NZ Certificate in Spa Therapy level 5, NZ Certificate in Specialised Skincare Therapy level 6 and NZ Certificate in Specialised Epilation Therapy level 6, be broken up into micro credentials?

  4. With NZQA’s comments that micro credentials are a smaller qualification, what does this mean?

  5. Who verifies that the providers of the micro credentials are qualified to deliver the course and that the content of the course is accurate and sufficient to deliver a therapist fit for purpose?

At a meeting with Toitu Te Waiora WDC on Friday 15 July, to discuss the above, we agreed to meet again in August.

We will be giving the answers to these questions and more in our August newsletter.

Next issue of Beauty Forum magazine Please read and discover all the latest information our industry has to offer. Click the link and read the facts so you can make the right informed decisions. Employment Opportunities Alluminus Beauty Therapy 136A Main Street, Greytown 5712 Telephone: 06 304 9660

We have a part-and full-time position available for a fully qualified beauty therapist. We are looking for a friendly, conscientious professional therapist who is proficient in performing the following treatments: waxing, lash tinting and brows, manicures, pedicures, massage, and basic facials.

Here at Alluminus we have achieved a very loyal local clientele by providing a safe and relaxing atmosphere for our clients, while delivering excellence with every treatment.

We envisage our new therapist will embrace our high standards, be a great team player who strives to promote not only her abilities through empathy and understanding with her clients while reflecting the ethos that has made Alluminus such a beautiful clinic.

In return we offer flexible working hours with an emphasis on work life balance, and as a progressive clinic, we stay on top of beauty trends and offer ongoing professional development training with an emphasis on O Cosmetics, Dermacuticals skin care, gel nails with Faby, Vanity spray tanning, Derma#4 and Viora and Electro Meso therapy. Expressions of interest can be forwarded along with your CV to: Spoilt Beauty, Palmerston North Spoilt beauty salon in Palmerston North has been operating for over 10 years. In that time, we have built a reputation for having an exceptional space for clients to make their haven and for therapists to share their passion, skills, and knowledge. We are seeking applications from fully qualified and experienced beauty therapists to join our team. Part-time or full-time is negotiable.

What we offer:

  • Structured and detailed induction training

  • Ongoing training opportunities

  • A supportive and dedicated team to work alongside

  • A modern, fun, and thriving salon environment

  • Variety every day

  • Hourly rate plus commissions and wellbeing allowance.

If you are:

  • Well presented

  • Energetic, enthusiastic, and reliable

  • Able to take instruction and work efficiently in a very busy and sometimes fast-paced salon

  • Always striving to be and offer your best

  • Able to problem solve and think on your feet

  • Technically sound in a wide range of beauty treatments.

All applications are confidential and will be treated in the strictest confidence. Send your CV to Sam & Lou at

We look forward to hearing from you!

Please consider joining us If you find these newsletter of benefit, please remember the time and cost it takes to do this, So maybe it’s time to make a donation, or better still, join a proactive organisation that has the initiative to think ahead and implement action to grow and change our industry together. For any further assistance please email ( or phone the NZBPST for advice. Kind regards, Julie Martin Chair NZ Board of Professional Skin Therapies E: M: 021 02294638 W:

Posted: Wed 20 Jul 2022

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