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Covid-19 Alert Notice - Mask Clarification - August 2020

With the announcement from Government advising the public to prepare for the possibility of a coronavirus outbreak, we just want to make sure everyone is clear as to the conditions and the type of face masks that can be used. For outside the work environment, the following masks can be used:

  • Homemade masks

  • Cotton masks

  • Washable masks

  • Disposable masks

For the Clinic and Salon Workplace Environment the following masks are to be used: (For close client contact)

  • Single use surgical disposable 2 or 3 ply filter masks for general skin therapy work. These masks must be replaced at approximately hourly intervals or when the mask becomes moist.

  • N75 Masks for any treatments where there is a risk of aerosol spray or bio plume emissions [These masks need to be fitted correctly to ensure that the contact seal between face and mask is intact for these masks to be effective]. These masks can only be worn for a short time as the filter clogs easily.

  • Please watch or read instructions from your previous covid-19 alert bulletins or Health and Hygiene guidelines for correct application and removal.

As always, the emphasis is on prevention with particular attention around:

  • Hand washing – Refer to Health and Hygiene guidelines for correct hand washing procedures

  • Coughing or sneezing into your elbow

  • Disposable mask use – Refer to Health and Hygiene guidelines for correct application

  • Surface cleaning

  • Appropriate distancing

  • Client tracing

Please contact us if you have any queries. Your wellbeing is always our top priority. E: M:02102294638 W:

Posted: Mon 10 Aug 2020

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