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Industry Reform - Update #2 - 3 Jan 2021

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Dear Industry Professionals, TEC under Ministry of Education has now opened its “Have Your Say” consultation process on the formation of WDC’s within the new Institute of Skills and Technology. The six-industry governed WDCs will play a vital role in helping industry set a vision for the skills and training needed for our industry’s future. The TEC wants to hear what you think about the WDC’s name, the industries they cover, and how they are governed. Consultation is open for seven weeks from Wednesday 16 December 2020, closing Friday 5th Feb 21. Choosing which category we come under isn’t just about education, it’s about where we want our profession to be placed in the future. [Quote from Health WDC, CEO- David Waters]. The Interim Establishment Board has now agreed with NZBPST that nail technicians should also be placed in the Health category of WDC. This recommendation will be relayed to the Minister. Before choosing your preferred WDC category that you wish to come under, please consider the following: ⦁ Which WDC do you as a therapist identify with? ⦁ Are you happy with our current educational standards? ⦁ Does Tertiary education reflect the growing needs of our industry in their style and delivery of training? ⦁ Should we be identified as beauty therapists or skin therapists to help describe what we do? ⦁ Which WDC do you think would be able to advance our credibility and professionalism not only in education but how we are perceived overall in the future? Please watch your inbox and Our Website and Facebook page for more information as we work through this process. If you are confused and need some assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us We look forward to you supporting our industry with the choices you make.

Posted: Sun 03 Jan 2021

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