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Today We Won - Proposed Changes to Diploma Courses

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who responded to the petition or emailed objections to the plan to remove the NZQA L5 Diploma in Beauty Therapy.

We met  with Woitu te Wairoa (Health Workforce Development Council) today, and I’m pleased to say that due to your response, they are keeping the Beauty Therapy level 5 Diploma course.

It was your collective voice that made the difference. 

NZ’s education system is the only education system in the world that is devaluing education and students, while worldwide, countries are encouraging growth and development through higher learning.

While Australia offers degree courses and are now working on master's qualifications in the aesthetics sector, NZ is still teaching basic beauty therapy, with the view to reduce further.

NZ will see a smaller employment pool and more therapists going overseas to gain higher qualifications and advance their careers.

At present, our aesthetic abilities and qualifications limit therapists to working on cruise ships, salons, and distributor sales reps, etc. Few therapists are skilled enough to work alongside dermatologists, cosmetic and reconstructive surgeons, which is where we should be developing and driving our abilities, qualifications, and educational standards.

While some therapists are comfortable with providing services to a level 4 standard and thrive, NZQA have no right to prevent more studious, academic, and committed therapists from advancing their knowledge and skills through higher learning.

Therefore, we must not only retain and maintain our core beauty therapy Diploma level 5 at 120 credits but over time we need to redevelop it and extend the value of to reach higher academic standards and career opportunities.

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